Small business, Internet advertising and SEO

Statistics are relentless, the situation in small countries with Internet advertisement and improving business through Internet marketing in small business has fallen at a very low level.

The fact that Internet advertising has taken a bigger swing from the expected in the developed countries of the west speaks of the fact that most small entrepreneurs believe in the old, tested methods of advertisement like printing flyers, ads in newspapers and local media like radio and TV.

Why do small entrepreneur stick so feverishly to the old ways of advertising, and Internet marketing as the most powerful tool in advertising is avoided, but they still go looking for other peoples ads through the Internet.

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They throw away the flyers that they find on their cars without even looking at them, newspaper ads will be noticed only if they are very big or they are about what they do, and we shouldn’t even speak of TV ads, they are avoided in a wide circle, primarily because they last long and they play with the minds of the viewers, radio ads to a somewhat better job, but not that much, and unfortunately radios don’t have images, and the competitiveness depends on the targeted audience that primarily defines by musical standards of the radio ad.

It seems that the main problem of Internet advertising is the mistrust with a badly done ad job, that almost always starts with a presentation of their own small business on the Internet, and that is a web page that doesn’t satisfy the standards of web design and on page optimization, going all the way to a bad choice of ad places that need to be visible to present your business and the webpage itself where you offer your services.

In Internet advertising everybody wants super quick results in business improvement, and the results are of course not achieved overnight, you need continuous advertising on all fields of Internet marketing, from the continuous presence on social networks, paid ads and to what is surely the best choice, SEO optimization and Pay Per Click.

What is interesting is that small entrepreneurs most often accurately search using search engines and the most important keywords and phrases, and what is even more interesting is that they don’t have that implemented in their own webpages, which drives to the conclusion that they are just not familiar with the fact of what they need to do on their webpage to become more visible in the search results.

The statistics are from 2012 for small businesses, and are based on the area of the USA and Europe. Some improvements are noticeable and statistics do improve from year to year.

When you add everything up, you come to the conclusion that you need to find adequate people to lead Internet advertising. That doesn’t mean that the small entrepreneurs can’t do it by themselves and do certain things to improve their business, especially through social networks and by creating quality content on their webpages!

So based on the recommendations or an adequate deal you should try to find those that will help you do your job best and truly improve your business through the Internet.